Salary in USA

Average salary in USA for the last 12 months

The bar chart shows the change in the average wages in USA.

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Average salaries of the most popular professions in USA

In 2018, the most popular profession in USA is Trainer, whose average salary is 10000 usd. The second place is taken by Operator - 4166 usd, the third - Management - 56500 usd.

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10 popular branches by number of vacancies in USA

In USA the most claimed specialist of IT Jobs. According to our site`s statistics the number of vacancies in this branch is 13.6% from total number of suggestions in USA.

Distribution of vacancies by regions in USA

As seen in the chart, in USA the greatest number of vacancies are open at California. In the second place is Texas, and the third - State of New York.

Branches rating by salary in USA

The highest paid category in USA is Real Estate. The average salary in the category is 80000 usd.

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The most highly paid professions in USA

In 2018, the most highly paid profession in USA is Datastage Developer. The average salary is 10920000 usd.

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The number of vacancies in % by salary ranges in USA

As of 7/23/18, at USA are 112311 open vacancies. For 71.9% open vacancies employers indicated salary of 0 - 102 900 usd. 27.3% of ads with a salary 102 900 - 205 800 usd, and 0.7% with a salary 205 800 - 308 700 usd

Сompanies rating by the number of vacancies in the USA

Best Buy is the biggest employer of the number of open vacancies in USA. According to our site`s statistics in Best Buy company are opened 4355 vacancies.

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